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Do you need on site training for your sales staff?

We can be available onsite or for your next sales meeting.

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Webinars and Online Events

We have several online events that you can take advantage of to help increase your sales and marketing efforts.  Here are a few upcoming webinars for sales agents in the Recruiting/Staffing industry:

Appointment Setting for a split desk.  This webinar is for anyone in the staffing industry that works a split desk, finding job orders and recruiting prospects.  During this webinar you will learn:

Webinar Date:  Coming soon

Follow-up Tips that Make Sense. This 2 hour Webinar will cover all aspects of the Follow-up process AFTER a sales meeting.   Some of the things you will learn:

Webinar Dates:  

Coming soon

Investment:  $197

 In person Company Sales Training.

Our Founder, Kerry Heaps is available for onsite training for your sales staff, or if

needed she can speak at your next sales meeting or event.  She can speak on a variety of topics however we have seen much success with the following two programs:

Here is the outline for both programs which are typically a 1/2 day event (4-5 hours).  We maintain that most sales representatives struggle with the concept of working with an outside organization.  Our goal is to make your sales staff feel comfortable with our presentation by offering suggestions and tools they can implement immediately to help their sales process.  We make our program very interactive to understand the issues they may be encountering with their prospects.  This is used to customize your program to ensure success during and after our visit.  

Follow-up Techniques learning objectives:

Cold Calling Techniques Learning Objectives:

Program FAQ’s:

Who benefits the most from your presentations?  Sales teams that are marketing products or services to Businesses, regardless if its in person or on the phone.  We have worked with sales forces that are employees and those that are contractors.  We work in a variety of industries but specialize in the insurance and financial services sectors.  

Is there a minimum/maximum attendance?  There is no minimum, the maximum would be 30 sales representatives.  If your numbers exceed that amount we would require more time to offer a more personalized service to your sales staff.  

Can you work one-on-one with our sales representatives? We do offer a personalized service which includes a survey prior to the event and we work with them during our presentation.  We also follow-up afterwards to ensure questions and concerns are answered.  If more time is requested we can offer a discounted rate based on scheduling.  

To schedule a complimentary conference call to see if one of our programs is right for your organization book your consultation today.  

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