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Some business owners who have a storefront hate to see solicitors coming, however it is

part of conducting a business. The best way to get over this, go out and cold call as well.

In fact, the next solicitor who comes through your door, ask if you could partner up for an

afternoon to hand out business cards, samples, etc. Most sales people are more than

accommodating and would appreciate having the company.

You might consider making a goodie bag, fill it will it with your business info, candy (nothing chocolate, it melts) and samples if available or promo items, such as letter openers, pens, coffee mugs, etc. Everyone likes to get free items.  Cold calling will get you out of the office or store enabling you to meet people and start making connections. If you choose and I would strongly recommend making this a permanent placement in your schedule is to cold call in office buildings or office parks.

This is a very effective way to market your product or service. First, determine what you

want to accomplish, are you looking to get your information into the hands of businesses,

alert them to an upcoming event or to set an appointment. Regardless, you need to

have a plan of how many contacts you want to make and your expected results. Set a

time to start your campaign and to finish. It helps to make up several hundred sample

bags, folders, etc. It helps to be prepared and not spend most of your time making

marketing packets.

A good goal would be about ten packets handed out per hour, this gives you time to go from office to office, talk for a few minutes and get their contact information as well.

Maybe you just bought a lead list or perhaps you just joined the local chamber of commerce and you have that daunting list in front of you. Planning is the key, are you looking to recruit for your opportunity or introduce your product or service? Figure that out first, then you can work on your script or use one of sample scripts provided. Do not go into a campaign without a plan, I have seen sales people purchase lists to set appointments with and all of a sudden they try to sell directly over the phone and not with much success I might add.

Keep in mind a list of cold contacts (people who don’t know you) will need an introduction to you & your company, information and the opportunity to build trust and rapport with you. Again, you will be disappointed if you do not go into it with the right attitude and expectations. For example, I see the best results with a simple invitation to

an event to introduce the prospect to the business or requesting permission to send them

information in the mail.  Monday is a great day to set appointments and make calls for the week. It allows the day in the office to be routine by staying on the phone. I would recommend keeping track of how many calls you make and how many appointments you set for yourself. This will give you an average. For example, I used a small sheet of paper and marked for every dial I made and had another column for appointment.

Consistency is the key, and being uninterrupted is crucial. If you do not have an office where you can shut the door, let everyone in the office know that Monday is your day to set appointments. Getting interrupted not only throws you off track but it can drastically reduce the number of calls you make. Friday’s are great when it comes to follow-up calls. Get excited to be on the phone! Get up and walk around while you are talking, the more

energy you have in your voice the more people will want to listen.

I would also suggest that when you are spending time on the phone calling prospects be

sure to listen, don’t interrupt them when they are talking. You want to make your

statements short and to the point, but just remember that you can find out so much more

just by listening to them talk. If there is a silence on the phone don’t feel the need to fill it with chatter, your prospect may be looking at their calendar, thinking about what the

company’s current needs are, etc. So don’t make them loose their thought.

Invest in a headset, your neck will thank you for it! They are fairly inexpensive these days

and quite frankly a necessity. Make sure your plan of action includes a script. Practice

what you are going to say before you make your calls. Again, you will be disappointed if

you do not go into it with the right attitude and expectations.

Advertising 10%

Referrals 25%

Appointment Setting 50%

Social Media 15%

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Afraid of cold calling?

Follow these tips to increase your confidence!

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